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Allen Health & Wellness was created to help individuals achieve real health and wellness. After working years as a Family Nurse Practitioner in the traditional setting, I found that I was not serving my patients in the way I felt was best. I saw that many times patients are left confused with recommendations and don't feel like the root cause of their issues are being addressed. Too often do patients simply get told to take a pill to mask a symptom. That didn't set well with me. 

I started learning more about Functional and Integrative Medicine when I was myself battling with Migraines. I was told to take a daily pill and that there was no real known cause for Migraines. Again, this didn't set well with me. So I started cleaning up my gut, dealing with my stress, and living a healthier life. Now....little to no Migraines. I want to help others achieve what I know is possible. A better - healthier - way of living. 

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